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London – Indian-inspired – modern! JaiJai is a tribute to London's wonderful and diverse Indian community. With JaiJai, we celebrate the creative and innovative spirit that this fusion of Indian tradition and London lifestyle has brought forth - in art, culture and cuisine.

Our fresh, chilled convenience products offer an indulgent insight into anglo* indian cuisine. Urban street style meets the traditional cooking culture of the Indian communities in East and West London. And cool design meets creative culinary art.


With our premium Ready2heat products, we bring fresh impulses to the chilled food shelf. The versatile Indian cuisine is all the rage - and is interpreted in a new and exciting way by JaiJai. To ensure the highest quality and the best possible taste experience, we cook all of our dishes using the sous-vide method. We follow a strict “Clean Eating" approach! Only natural ingredients are used. No meat substitutes, no flavour enhancers, no colourings or flavourings. Simply high quality.

We provide you with highest restaurant quality meals at home from our Michelin-starred chef. And our retail customers achieve attractive commercial results through a high SKU value add, reaching new customer segments in the process. In short: Delightful innovation at the cutting edge!

Urban food

dreamed big.

Brixton London, UK

JaiJai is a young, innovative brand that primarily targets millennials with comparatively high purchasing power in an urban environment. Customers who are looking for a brand with style, a clear attitude and aspirations for highest quality. Customers who want to set trends.

Our brand stands for more than just food. It stands for a holistic food experience and story. And we tell this story along the entire customer journey: from POS to social media.

Food packages

Our 5 premium anglo*indian ready meals were created by London Michelin-starred chef Gaurav Bajaj

→ Our Ready Meals

Our premium products at a glance

2+1 components

Our London-style dishes consist of 2 +1 components: A high-quality curry (chicken, vegetarian, vegan) with a side dish of basmati rice cooked in a spice broth and a small sachet of chilli powder.


All our dishes are vacuum-sealed and slowly cooked sous-vide at a low temperature. This preserves all the flavours and aromas and we achieve a unique taste experience.


High quality fresh produce, entirely natural ingredients that are gently sous-vide cooked. Only natural proteins (chickpeas, chicken, lentils etc.), no meat substitutes. Completely free of preservatives, flavour enhancers and artificial colourings. Naturally!

Mild flavor

Our dishes are spicy and flavourful, but not hot. The separate sachet of chilli powder allows you to spice them up to your own taste.

High quality protein sources

Our chicken dishes have a high meat content (> 100g/portion). Vegetarian and vegan dishes are based on traditional recipes with 100% natural protein sources.


Modern packaging design with a London street art look.


Good to very good Nutri-Score values


Easy, quick preparation - heat in microwave, water bath or in a pot

Shelf life

Shelf life on warehouse delivery approx. 18-21 days (at +6°)

The new shooting star in your chiller cabinet!

Group picture of the founders
Founders Graffiti
Portrait of Kiran Mazumdar

Kiran Mazumdar


Kiran spent much of the last 10 years in London, where he ate his way through many (most?) Indian restaurants and was able to experience the fantastic innovations in Indian cuisine first-hand and on the plate. The desire not to miss out on this great Anglo-Indian cuisine back in Germany was the trigger for JAI Foods.

Before founding JAI Foods, Kiran worked for > 20 years at INVERTO - A BCG Company, a procurement consultancy, which he founded in 2000. There he supported clients from the retail and consumer goods industry in topics such as buying optimisation and category management. At JAI Foods, Kiran is a Managing Director and responsible for sales.

Portrait of Ines Mazumdar

Ines Mazumdar

Marketing & Administration

Ines knows what it means to create structures for a start-up. For many years she worked for a consultancy where she built up the areas of marketing and HR from scratch. And this is the challenge she now faces at JAI Foods again.

As Managing Director, Ines is responsible for our entire administration and marketing. She also keeps a watchful eye to make sure that our dishes are not too spicy and are adapted to European taste buds.

Portrait of Gaurav Bajaj

Gaurav Bajaj

Product Development

Gaurav was literally born into the Indian cuisine. After his studies at the renowned Institute of Hotel Management in India and various chef positions in Indian luxury hotels, Gaurav completed his training at the famous L'Ecole Gregoire-Ferrandi in Paris.

After various positions in 1- and 3-star restaurants in Paris, Gaurav was approached by renowned chef Atul Kochar who brought him to London's Michelin-starred restaurant Benares (1*) as Head Chef. There he defended the star for several years before being sent to India by Rational AG with the exciting assignment of translating Indian street food into haute cuisine. Gaurav is the culinary innovator at JAI Foods and the creator of our fantastic Anglo-Indian dishes.

Portrait of Florian Friedemann

Florian Friedemann

Sales & Logistics

Florian is a foodie through and through - privately and professionally. After studying gastronomic sciences in Italy, he started his career at Coop Switzerland, where he was in charge of building up chilled convenience brands. After working as a category manager at METRO and in a retail & FMCG consultancy, Florian started as Head of Purchasing & Supply Chain at premium food distributor Henry Lamotte.

At JAI Foods, Florian is responsible for logistics and distribution. Above all he makes sure that we look at everything we do through the eyes of our retail partners in order to ensure efficient and smooth processes from the outset.

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